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About Ventura Directional Drilling

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We have been in the business of installing underground utilities using Trenchless Technology for over 12 years, performing commercial, industrial, residential, and public works.

With our modernly equipped fleet of directional drilling and boring equipment and our experienced crew members we are capable of executing turn-key projects, or simply working alongside our clients as subcontractors.

We have completed a vast array of projects. From single 1″ conduits to 24″ steel casings, conduit bundles, fusible PVC, HDPE and MDPE conduits. Please check out our Projects Page for some examples of our diversified experience. Since 2001 we have been serving our customers from San Francisco to San Diego. We specialize in technically demanding and environmentally sensitive projects. Some of our most conscious projects have included on-grade sewer installations, military base utility installations, family farms, and wildlife or wetland preserves.

Safety, professionalism, and exceeding expectations are foremost in our company values. We know that some projects are more challenging than others, and understand how important this is to our customers and to ourselves.

Trenchless Technology is an ever evolving field and recent advances have presented new opportunities for projects that were once impossible. This is especially true of gravity sewer line installations in which guided boring systems (GBM’s) are allowing very tight grade tolerances to be achieved in increasingly challenging underground conditions.

We work closely with our clients to provide unique solutions and welcome inquiries pertaining to trenchless technology. By working closely with engineers, and injecting our own extensive experience we are also capable of resolving questions pertaining to trenchless installations.

Ventura Drilling Projects And Services

Learn About What We Offer - Contractors License A No.: 831782

Sanitary Sewer System - Carlsbad, CA

This bore required 3 compound turns of 45 degrees or more and took place in an environmentally sensitive area. We had to locate through dense under growth and cross through home owner property to arrive at a designated depth in the exit pit which was 120 feet above the starting elevation.

Water Line - Antelope Valley, CA

The installation of a pipeline underneath an existing spoils pile to allow water from a pumping station to be transferred to a soakage area.

Gas Line Replacement - Ventura, CA

Two parallel installations of steel pipe to replace an existing line which had to be abandoned, and a second installation of 8” steel pipeline. We installed both lines beneath an existing roadway while not interfering with the construction of a new bridge.

800 LF of 10′ C905 Fusible PVC

1,200 LF of 14″ Steel Pipe

226 LF of 24” HDPE Pipe

Horizontal Directional Drilling: 1″ to 24″ and larger, single or multiple conduits – Steel, PVC, HDPE, MDPE, Copper, Ductile Iron, or Direct Buried Cable. – Gravity Sewers, Existing Utility Crossings, and Manhole Entries. – Limited Access and Security Sensitive Areas. – HDPE and MDPE Fusion Certified.

We are signatory to the Laborers Local 1184 Horizontal Directional Drilling Agreement.

Ventura Directional Drilling Equipment

Learn About How We Work - Contractors License A No.: 831782

Ventura Directional Drilling operates a fleet of current model Ditch Witch drills and support equipment.

From the small foot print of the 922 directional drill up to the 100,000 lb Ditch Witch JT100, we are equipped to undertake the most challenging projects in our service area. We are able to provide multiple drills and drill crews to complete large scale installations, such as gas line replacement projects and communications systems upgrades.

It is important for us, and our clients, to know that when we arrive at a job site our equipment is ready to go to work. The issues that contractors contend with on a daily basis are difficult enough without the added concerns of oil leaks, fuel leaks, or uncontained drilling fluid releases.

All drills and drilling equipment are mounted on late model trucks and trailers, which are all inspected and in compliance with the various State and Federal regulations.

Our other support equipment includes John Deere Backhoes, Ditch Witch vacuum trailers and supporting hand tools.

We are also HDPE and MDPE fusion certified.